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December 16, 2016

Encounter Muslims

On my first band tour of Europe I was told by some young men that they felt it was their duty to kill me after a show we did in Schoonhoven at a coffee bar. I had written about 500 songs at this point, but I still wanted to communicate with the audience by talking to them between songs about why I wrote them.
After several weeks on tour and hearing every ones opinions of the US politicians, most who I had never heard of, I was impressed that they knew who ours were. The news in Europe was so different than the news in the US, I couldn’t believe how many wars were going on that I had never heard of, and they showed footage of it.
I can’t remember the song I was about to sing, but I wound up talking about the news that the US had crashed some helicopters on the way somewhere and joked that apparently the ayatollah Khomeini didn’t have much to worry about and then I did the rest of the show and talked about other things.
I would often go and talk to the audience after the show and when I went up to one group of teens the leader said, “We are muslims, and we decided to kill you, but after we listened to the rest of your show, we have decided not to.”
I said, why did you want to kill me?
We don’t want to anymore, we have even bought drinks here now. But the ayatollah Khomeini is our spiritual leader and we didn’t like how you talked about him.
I had no idea he was a spiritual leader, I just thought he was the head of some government. I liked hanging out with those kids, other than the killing me thing.

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It’s hard to believe radical Muslims would tell you what their intentions were especially language like “kill you” somewhere on the streets of Europe. Why would they tell you something like that when they could be reported for it? It makes the story a bit hard to believe. I suggest meeting more Muslims?


I did not write that they were radical muslims, i am sure they would not have told me if they hadn’t changed their minds and i am sure that they would not have confessed that if they thought i would report them. i have met many muslims. I broke the law when i shared my faith in Christ while i was playing pool with someone in singapore when he told me it was illegal i said are you gunna turn me in? he said no.


It was different back then. I remember doing a song with Dan called “Borders” and three Muslim boys jumped out of their seats screaming g at us “Death to You”! It was before the term Radical Muslim was even thrown around. Dan struck a nerve and they went berserk! Dan shut them down like only Dan can, and the show went on. No story embellishments here. All true. I’m afraid of any religion who wants me dead for not believing as they do. Be honest, kill the infidel is in their teachings and anyone who says it is not written in their Quran is lying to their self. Quran 3:56, Quran 8:12, and on and on. I want no part of that religion.


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