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September 8, 2016

I wanted to move to Mexico

Lynette and Dan on KLM youngI took my lover to on a flight to Acapulco, Mexico to get away from it all. The air was incredible and as an asthma ridden kid, I felt I could breathe for the first time, maybe it was the ocean air. We stayed in the old hotel that all of the famous people stayed forty years ago where the cliff divers risked their lives for tips.
We ate five course meals for two bucks and drank coco locos as the ocean came up to the seats of our chairs. We walked for miles and skipped the long line for the restaurant the Americans were in and went on for a couple of blocks and ate where the locals ate. We drank too many fruit drinks and learned about Montezuma’s Revenge.
We rented a jeep, drove out to explore and after an hour I turned left into a farmer’s house cuz I saw a dirt road behind his property. It was a small trail next to the mountain that I thought would end in a few minutes. After a half hour of driving the trail washed out and we debated having to drive backwards for a longer time on the narrow road.
I walked ahead and saw the trail resumed after forty feet and I thought if we put our left wheels onto the mountain, we could inch ahead and make it to the resumed trail. We sat there for a while and discussed it.
We went for it. Another half hour with no turn around spot, and knowing I could not drive this whole road backward by now, I was feeling some panic or apprehension. But I couldn’t show it cuz my lover was more scared then me I think. My guess is that both of us may have been praying by the minute.
Then we turned another corner. The first thing we saw was a chapel, like in the movies, a two story Alamo looking front of a chapel. Encouraged we drove on. As we got closer we realized that it was abandoned and as we drove on we saw a group of twenty children all dressed in blue running up the mountain to meet us. I knew immediately that this was the most cinematically beautiful thing that I would ever see in my lifetime.
They were coming home from school to the village we were entering. They were the happiest kids we had ever seen. They kept touching us and our hair and yelling in excitement like we were the first TV people they had ever seen in person. We did not understand their language and they did not understand ours.
This was a Norman Rockwell mountain town. The guy walking his pig on a leash, the woman sweeping the dirt entrance to her home and smiling kids greeting their parents all seemed so happy and content. The most persistent boy pulled us to his home to meet his mother.
By now I was thinking I wanna make it down the mountain before it gets dark so we met the mother. She lived in a corrugated metal, wood and brick shack with a color TV. We were as polite as we could be, but I kept pointing down the mountain when she motioned that she wanted us to stay for dinner. I shook my head and motioned we would like to drink something in a bottle. She took us to the little store which had a few bottles of coke, we bought two and I thought “how did they get this coke up here.”
We made it back to the hotel by twilight and it was like we were returning to a different world. The next day we got on the flight back to Minneapolis and felt like we returned to another different world. Now it seems like every place we visit or move to is a different world, and my lover told me recently, “This world is not our home.”

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Thank you for sharing Dan. It is these experiences that make us human.


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