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October 3, 2016

Life in America

arie dad dateMy girl bought a new car, our county does not issue temporary license plates any more, so we snuck to the government required emissions testing, The government employee said we needed a new gas cap. The young woman paid her and said can i come back today with a new gas cap and not have to repay? Yes! we snuck back five miles to the AutoZone, and bought a new gas cap. Snuck back to the emissions testing. The new gas cap was acceptable to our county. Snuck back to our house. Got into a legal car to drive another town thirty miles away to get her new licence plates. The line was backed up outside of the door. As we got closer i said, “look at that sign, it says, “We no longer perform marriages.” I didnt know they ever did perform marriages, but my girl said, “its probably because of the gay marriage act.” Who is she. As we got closer, i pointed out the sign that said you were not allowed to use any cell phones while in line. She goes, “Well the government already knows everything we are doing.” And i go, “Yes, but maybe this place doesn’t want the federal government to know what They are doing.”

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