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September 11, 2016

No one ever said No

Dans mom and dad
Where ever I went with my dad people shared about their lives with him and their concerns. He would ask them if they wanted to pray. For all I knew some were church members, but I knew many were not, and they all said “yes.”
When I was traveling around the world as a musician or International rep for Sony/BMG/Provident I met so many cool people who shared their lives with me. I guess mostly at Airports, Concerts, and Hotel Bars and on the streets.
So occasionally when I heard their dilemma, I would just ask them, “Do you wanna pray with me?” Every one of them said, “Yes.” And sometimes it seemed like a desperate prayer on my part just asking Jesus to help them in their struggles. And other times it seemed like they were also communicating with God.
The worst was the couple of times they were hustlers and God shut me down after, “Dear Lord.”
There was a time that I felt God was telling me to speak to a military gal who was crying in the Tokyo airport. I told Him, I am tired and exhausted, the last thing I want to do is start a conversation with some girl who won’t even want to talk to me. Not that I could have helped her, but I fell I said NO to something God wanted me to do.
Whoever reads this, talk to Jesus about what he wants you to do, trust him or at least talk to him.

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