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August 11, 2016

Said Goodbye to my Last Convertibles

Last 2 covertibles
When I was young,
Everything seemed possible.
I believed that God loved me.
Like I could be a professional musician,
And sing to thousands of people.
And I did.
Like I could own a mansion,
And bless people by inviting them to stay in my house.
And I did.
Like I could buy a fleet of 2 limos and 3 cool convertibles.
And let guests drive them.
And I did.
Like I could walk the streets,
And hand out $100 bills,
And leave a thousand dollar tip when I wanted.
And I did.
Like I could stay married,
And never cheat on my beautiful wife.
And I did.
When I am older,
Fewer things seem possible.
I believe that God loves me.
Lynette and Dan on KLM young

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July 14, 2016

Guns, Guns, Guns

When a twelve year old boy brought his birthday present gun on the school bus, my mom took it away from him. She was from New York and hated guns. She didn’t give it back to him until he got to school.
Top 3 places I saw the most gun toting in public.
3. South Africa-Rifle wearing armed guards at church entrance (this could be the only funny one, cuz my whole life up til then had been geared towards encouraging folks to seek Christ, I guess you maybe cant let folks steal from your church, but what the hey.)
2. Mexico-I asked the guy, “why are you wearing a rifle outside this store?” He said, “Banditos.”
1. Brussels-When Lynette and I walked past the guys wearing Uzis on the sidewalk, I stopped and said, “are those Uzis?” Yes, and I was sent along, it was a Govt. building that had representatives from many EU countries meeting together. A few years later the Dutch lost their sovereignty.

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April 12, 2016

What does the gut say?

Have you ever stepped into a room?
And felt in your spirit,
“You should not be here,
You need to leave,
This is not good.”
Have you ever been with a person?
Who suggested you join them
In going somewhere or doing something with them,
And you felt a check in your spirit, like,
“I want to and could, but something seems wrong.”
Have you ever stepped into a room?
And felt in your spirit,
“You should be here,
You need to stay,
This is good.”
When you step into a country
You do not expect to feel the spirit of God
I felt the spirit of God as I stepped onto Korean soil
I have no explanation or understanding of why
It was just a wonderful experience

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March 28, 2016

XXX Warning(16 or older please) Lessons From Dad

This story is graphic and depressing; please stop reading if you are under 16.
When I was 16 my dad and I drove by a farm house. He said “That’s where it happened.” And told me the father had sex with his one year old baby child and she died from the bleeding. He told me many stories about real people in our area. Like the guy who drank Lysol cuz it was cheaper than booze.
He was a pastor, and the son of a guy who came to our church once or twice a year, asked my dad for help in stopping his beatings. My dad said there was nothing he could do other than get the police involved, as he felt he had no influence over the father.
In hindsight, he probably wanted to say, I understand, I’ve felt like you. Jesus loves you. He will help you through this if you call on him. Or maybe he did say that.
Or maybe not. He was not the typical pastor. Saying what non-Christians or even some Christians expected a pastor to say was not his forte. He tried it once.
He told me when he went to one of his best friend’s farm house in Turtle Lake, after his house was on fire and partially burned. That he said standing there, looking on the smoking damage, that all things work out for the good for those who love the Lord.
Then Darryl Singers dad said, “What good could come out of this?” My dad then did the right pastor thing in my opinion, he said nothing.
Dad is 85ish now and taught me;
No matter the temptation, don’t have sex when you shouldn’t
Trust God and defend yourself, the authorities can’t always help you.
Sometimes it is best to stand by a friend and be silent.

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March 26, 2016

Chicks Dig Borders

Sleep photo
As a child
We never locked our doors.
We would come home many times to find gifts of food
on our kitchen table or in our refrigerator.
We left the car keys in the ignition.
Then a young man from Wishek
Gave a ride to a hitchhiker
and was murdered.
Then the Methodist pastor was held up.
Forced to go to the bank and withdraw money
to give to his captor.

I camped out with Bob Weber
When it got to cold
I ran home
The doors of my home were locked.
I didn’t want to wake my parents
I slept in the garage
I turned on a vacuum cleaner
The electric motor generated a bit of heat.
It took my wife a year to train me,
when we owned our own home.
To lock the door every night,
Just in case.

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February 27, 2016

After the Mountain Top Experiance

klecko and h minneapolis mnI found a ride to a youth retreat in the big city, Bismark.
I heard Keith Green for the first time.
I loved, loved being with people my age who loved Jesus.
To me this was Heaven on Earth.
Eating, playing, singing, learning and talking about the Lord.
I felt full, whole, and satisfied.
Determined to Love, Trust, Follow and Obey God
again from that moment forward.
I hitchhiked my way home.
Halfway there I got stranded in a small town after midnight.
All I needed was a pair of headlights in the right direction
and I would be advanced towards Wishek.
After an hour of no cars, the temperature dropped.
I realized no one would come
After their bedtime to pick me up
.My dad used to pick up garbage from the side of the road
He said His dad used to pick up garbage from a rest stop in Iowa
I picked every piece of garbage I could find in that town, to keep warm
Six hours later the sun came up, and I hitchhiked home.
That was the cleanest town in North Dakota for a day
But I most remember the hope I felt
When the sun came up
The car stopped and the farmer said
Yes I am going that way.

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February 23, 2016

Refused the First one (Record Deal)

Harley Before I got signed to Warner Bros, I was offered a record deal with a Christian music label called Star Song. I was super excited and thought this was an answer to prayer and told my band mates about it at rehearsal at drummer Dave Hill’s basement in the St. Paul area.
It would allow me to record an album paid for by a Major Label Christian record company. They would keep all of the proceeds. I thought that sounded unfair. In hindsight, I should have done it. Instead, I spent thousands of dollars that I earned painting houses in suburbs to record my music. Thank God my wife and I lived in a super low rent “artists” building in Minneapolis.
A few weeks later Chris Palmer from WB believed in me and eventually spent a quarter of a million to help me as an artist on recordings and to make a video called “Harley” shot in Amsterdam. Before everything was signed with WB, Star Song said, “can we release “Broken Worlds” on our New Brave something album as a single?” I said yes, but call my band “The Trust.” I did not want to muck up the WB deal and at the time cuz the WB deal was offering an advance and the Star Song deal would keep me at my day job as I wasn’t touring that month.
Dan H got airplay from Europe to Australia with Harley and House of Stone. I had no idea. Years later I heard a Marty MacKeever riff on WayFM.
Like everyone does when a new song comes on the radio I thought, do know this, do I like this. I was painting a house and It took me awhile to realize that it was my song. How cool is that? It was Broken Worlds, sung with Dez Dickerson.
I visited WayFM when I worked for Sony/BMG/Provident and told the station manager, “That’s me, singing as The Trust.” He goes, “we have used that song for our fund raisers for the last few years.”

“That was even cooler.”

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February 20, 2016

Protestant Saint Rejects Title

Dans-mom-and-dadMy Dad was a pastor who would tell people not to call him Reverend, cuz he said only God is reverend. It was not false humility; he had four years of college, and three years of seminary. Which is kinda weird cuz apparently he was a hell raising teen. Married at age 30 to a New York beauty queen who rejected several offers to be on film or to be a model because of her strong commitment to Christ and felt it would not honor Him. Then she says no to a financially successful Christian guy and after a blind date, marries my dad. Nine months later I show up. Have I told you that story about what happened after that?

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February 16, 2016

Have you ever heard a prayer…that went strait to Gods ears

downtown dickson with hitchhikerI was hanging back stage at flevo festival and Steve Taylor came in to pray with his band before the show. No one told me to leave so I prayed with them and it seemed like a fairly normal group prayer, with no rules, just a time to spend focused on petitioning God. The pre show prayer, open to anyone.
I did it with Larry Norman and probably hundreds of others before my shows. Most memorable was the African Christians prayer. We were upstairs in a dutch YFC building, and he spent minutes tilting God and stating what God had done. “You are the Father of Abraham who” did this and that, “You are the God of Jeremiah who” did this and that. And at the end he asked God to use my concert for His will to be done and to speak through me.
I don’t remember the show, but I remember the room, when that guy prayed for me.
I was also told that he was hated by his country, because he became a Christian, at the time I made a joke of it. “OH yes, everyone in your country hates you.” I recently found out that if you convert from islam to any other religion, you are death worthy. This was 20+ years ago and I still remember his prayer.
Condensed, “God of Abraham, let Your will be done tonight.”

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February 15, 2016

Audience of Two in St. Paul

I learned what GLBTYS are,
and now I wanna know,
why are they put together in a group?
They are all different things,
hence the multiple letters?
As far as I can tell
the only connection they have
is their views about sex
being unnatural or unGodly?
I think sex is a wonderful thing
that we can enjoy throughout our lives,
it has strengthened my marriage.
My dad said to me,
“The best thing I could ever do for you kids
is to love your mother.”
He didn’t get married until he was in his 30’s
and my mom was the same age
so I am sure they had some adjusting to do.
But I got married three weeks after being a teenager.
Cuz as a 19 year old I really wanted to be more intimate
with my wife physically
and knew i needed to publicly commit my life to her
if I wanted to do it Gods way.
Cuz following Him was a desire
and a most important prior commitment.
I did a show in St. Paul
during very bad weather.
two lesbians were the only audience.
They said the reason they loved coming to my shows
was cuz they could so easily tell
exactly how i was feeling.
I really did not wanna do that show,
after a fight with my lover.
But i gave it my best
and was surprised they liked it.

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