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February 10, 2016

Son foolishly rejects father son time

Dans mom and dadI don’t think my father would say I was a disappointment to him. I was his first born, he was his dads second born. His dad was a second gen German farmer in Iowa and well digging entrepreneur. He and his wife committed my dad to God to be a minister when he was born, and he was a harsh disciplinarian.
My dad became a minister, most respected man in my life. And I respect many. As a kid he took me duck hunting, and sometimes goose hunting. The worst was pheasant hunting. Actually the worst was fishing. I would go to the lake and help him load the boat into the lake, but then I would beg to be left ashore with my rifle. Why in the world would anyone sit in a boat and wait for a fish to engage them?
But as a duck hunter, I ruled the world. He told me to aim ahead of the duck after he did his duck call. And I did. So proud to have never missed, felt like a prodigy. Brought it home and ate it that night. Kind of gamey tasting, it was dark meat, kinda tasted like liver, but slightly different, and he said be careful to not bite into a pellet, just in case he didn’t get them all out.
He thinks I am clever and laughs at my jokes. Wants me to trust Jesus and cant walk so good now that he is 84, like his wife. I have no idea if he is proud of me.

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January 26, 2016

All Songs

Dan H Big Hair
All of my songs have been written about my feelings
About God, love, faith and relationships
I told everyone what I was willing to share
In short verses with cool melodies and guitar
I love you
I love God
And I listen to music
Every night and day
I don’t have a stereo
No hifi in this house
Now i write for my children
to resay what i was trying to say
In every moment i spent with you
I love your creator
I love you

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January 21, 2016

Playing around with these lyrics

dan hand in car
How can God love seven billion people?
But He does.
Yes, He does.
How can God know the number of hairs on that many heads?
But He does.
Yes, He does.
How can God forgive me for the things I have done.
But He does
Yes, He does
How can God change me, to be more like Jesus
But He does
Yes, He does

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January 18, 2016

Challenge, Fear, Winning

IMG_20151206_114034587it is good to be challenged.
you have nothing to fear.
you have nothing to lose when you challenge yourself.

what, so you win?
what, so you lose?
you still won,

you just beat yourself, no harm in winning.
it just isnt always as fun as it first was.
sometimes losing is way more challenging.

you are a winner.
even if the only time you win,
is if when you have bested yourself.

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December 16, 2015

Welcome to Minnesota

klecko and h minneapolis mnIf Jesus was right here,
Right now standing in front of me.
I would punch him in the face.
Was what he said as we spoke.
I asked why?
And he gave me all of his reasons.
I had paid a week’s rent at his moms house.
and had a week’s worth of pot pies in the fridge.
bought with the $70 bucks I left home with.
$10 to pay for gas from Wishek to Minneapolis.
On the back of a motorcycle.
$10 to buy 20 pot pies for 3 squares a day,
For a week, if I skipped a meal.
And $50 for a weeks rent at the house.
I walked for two days door to door.
Asking every business I passed,
Do you have a job I could do for you?
The third day the punch Jesus guy,
Said his sister worked at a company,
That had a job opening.
I hitched a ride, did the interview.
And on day seven, I got the job.
Now on day eight I had no money.
No place to live, but I had a job,
That would start in two days.
So I hitched a ride to the place that hired me.
And started to walk around the neighborhood.
Explaining to everyone who answered the door,
That I was Dan from North Dakota.
Who had just gotten a job at Delmark.
And I was looking for a room to rent.
No luck, so I slept in the bushes.
Day two, no luck, near the end of the day,
I sat down and prayed, Jesus, I don’t know what to do.
Discouraged with no options, I knocked on another door.
Went through the routine… pause…pause again longer.
“Well, we have a son named Dan your age,
But he is not coming home, I guess you could stay in his room.
Come back tomorrow and talk to my husband.
Slept in the bushes again, freezing and a headache.
Went to the factory at six, hot shower and punched in at seven.
After work I went back to the house, talked to the dad.
Grabbed my belongings from the bushes and moved in.
Then it got interesting.

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December 10, 2015

Those Guys…

klecko and h minneapolis mn
I have written about the three elders who inspired me.
Gordon Huisinga, Leo Slingerland and Pepe Garces.
Let me speak of the three contemporaries that rock.

Andy Phillips, a father of eight, including adoptions.
Drummer, worshiper, laborer and entrepreneur.
But what shocks me is his willingness to give.
He works harder to help people than anyone I have ever known.
He calls it his ministry for example, to fix someone’s car.
He told me he does if for Jesus.

George Grant, a Christian apologist, pastor, writer,
God lover and educational institution founder.
He is gifted at all, but I never saw a man shine,
In fact, it was the first time I saw a man shine in his gift.
When I saw him teach a group of young people,
The history of the world from a Christian perspective.
He told me he put it together in a car, waiting for his wife.

Danny Klecko, world class baker, Mansion owner, illustrated man.
A gifted poet laureate for the state capitol of Minnesota.
He overcame having an absentee father, and chose a vocation.
Coached baseball and courted Hollywood.
He is my favorite poet, cuz, when I read his poems,
I go there with him, and then I wanna write.

Who inspires you?

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December 7, 2015

Strange Bedfellows

Singapore pool photoI think we are in a religious war
Individually, we always fight spiritual battles.
About our faith, finance, family and future
Or weight, occupations, worry, or our feelings
Our forefathers fought for that right.
Many died in the fight for their children
To freely choose whom they shall serve
No one can take away that spiritual choice.
But my freedom to exercise or promote it
Could absolutely be taken away.
I was once in a country
Where I shared my faith with a local.
He said “You could be arrested
for telling me about Jesus.”
I said, “You won’t turn me in, will you?”
As he dropped the eight ball he said
“No… they don’t like me either.”

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December 6, 2015

Generally Speaking…

IMG_20151206_115905005What was he thinking?
Mr. One Dollar Bill
Fights against the King
And his army
For what reason
Did he believe?
That he and his friends
Should govern themselves
When the far off kingdom
Promised to protect them
And help provide for them
And only ask three percent tax?
Who would fight against that?
Who would shed blood?
Why would he think
They could govern themselves?

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December 3, 2015


I see beauty all around me
But, its clouded by the darkness
Of the desperate situation
of the state our souls are in
I raise my eyes to the sky
I raise my voice to the world
But, i have nothing to say
all i can give are my tears.dan dynasty

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December 2, 2015

Prayer Answered

okJesus is…
How do I put this in words…
God is like…
What am I trying to say…
When I prayed to Him this morning,
I told Him I wanted to write.
I had many things on my mind.
So, I asked Him what I should write about.
He said “write about Me.”
Right then the clouds moved.
And the sun turned my closed eyelids red.
I felt the strange immediate warmth.
That the sun can offer on a winter day.
Clouds came back, moment gone.
It was good enough for me.
So I wrote…

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