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September 25, 2013

Healer of Cars…

My BFF Andy is the “Jesus” of cars. He is uncomfortable being called that, probably cuz he is a believer, but I don’t think Jesus would mind ’cause he never worked on cars.

But I didn’t name him that, my kid did. My girls car “Toby” wouldn’t start after she went to the ATM at her bank. So she called me, and I was there in three minutes. I tried everything I could think of to get her car going and the line of cars was backing up. So I call Andy, he shows up five minutes later on his Hog (he builds the coolest motorcycles ever) and this is what happened from Rennahs perspective.

Andy shows up, he lays his hands on the car, and tells her to start it up. It was healed immediately and began running.

Apparently the positive connection to the battery had corroded and fallen off, he had no tools with him but I had a jumper cable from my years of living in Minnesota, so we did a temporary fix. Then he jumped back on his bike and rode away.

As we watched him ride into the sunset, my girl looks at me and says, “Andy is the Jesus of cars.”

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September 18, 2013

KISS me…

Post by Dan H Band.

While we were shooting the Harley video in Amsterdam, we were staying at some fancy hotel where Van Halen would give their interviews all day, the label said they were very hard working guys. Inspiring. (Eddie and Alex were born in Holland and I had a fun time hanging out with the brothers at an airport once.) When we were at the hotel outdoor café, Marty goes, “Look there’s Gene Simmons (of KISS)”

So Marty and I went over to talk to him. I liked him and was very impressed with how much time he spent talking with us and the two Dutch teenage girls who recognized him. The main thing we disagreed on was if there was any reason, other than money, to make music. No consensus was reached, but I am pretty sure our bank accounts probably reflected our attitudes.

So a little while ago, Marty sees Gene at the airport when Marty was working for a rock/country/pop legend, and starts stalking him, Gene stops and says why are you following me, Marty goes “well, I met you a few years ago in Amsterdam when I was playing with the Dan H Band and I just wanted to say hi.” Gene goes “so how is Dan doing”, Marty goes, “he’s doing great, we are recording a new album, but I am here with Ronnie Milsap, do you wanna meet him?”

Genes voice raises an octave and goes “Ronnie Milsap, I love that guy! I have studied his music and am a big fan.” So Marty takes him over to meet Ronnie and a good time was had by all.

Marty and Gene Simmons

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September 18, 2013

Little Worlds…










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September 16, 2013

The Favorite…

rennah arei worship team

So my middlest girl who is singing with me on the Dutch radio single, “Taste & See.” says, “Dad, are you coming to church next week?”  I say, “not this week,” and tell her my schedule.  She seemed troubled and I ask why. She goes, “When you aren’t there, and when AJ has to work at Home Depot, I am the only guitar player and it is very stressful.”  I said “honey, never be stressed when you are leading worship, just do it acapella.

Call your Church of Christ friends and ask them how they do it and then just do a “Church of Christ” type of worship service, everyone in our church will love it.” (they just gather their families on Sunday to have some corporate worship, some great food and fellowship, and the occasional iron sharpening iron talks or crys.)

Boy o Boy she lit up, she got it. No stress, lead worship!

When she was born I named her and went on tour in Europe, but I forgot the spelling of her name Ariellah (I made it up, it was based on an Aramaic or Hebrew translated name but I added an H to the end, just cuz I roll that way.) So, every day I would send a postcard to Lynette, Danny, Rennah and The Other One.

I guess I thought it was funny at the time, but now I have to make up for it, so me and Lynette call her our “favorite” kid, do not worry about it though, we have a few favorites!


September 14, 2013

Boys Night Out

Kids Derby 2Finally convinced my BFF Marty to have a boys night out to see some loud cars crashing into each other at the fair. So we made it to the demolition derby just in time to get the last two front row seats, and took turns bringing back some sustenance. Has this ever happened to you, half way through the show, marty abandoned me and went to hang out with the cool gang, the new steel pedal player for Ronnie Milsap who was playing in some band at the fair.

So this gal and her one of her kids take his seat and we get to talking, turns out she is going through a divorce after 13 years of marriage (married at 18) Obviously I don’t know the whole story and I would never support a woman staying in an abusive relationship, but as far as I could tell, or what she said, he was only physically abusive to the cat who relieved themselves on their bed, and she finally slapped the big guy…
 I am sure that I don’t know the whole story, that much I know for sure. What I felt the worst about is that the five year old boy kept talking about his dad.  You see regardless of how adults treat each other, when they are parents, they are also affecting the child. That little boy is an innocent victim of two adults who are choosing not to get their acts together.  I wish that both of his parents could just be healed and reconciled, just for that boys sake, he seemed like a cool kid.
me and mart in fair photo booth

September 7, 2013

Lord You’re So Good to Me Download-Ended

SeeWhat a week, some challenges and some joys, …and i am feeling kinda thankful.  If you had a good week download this, if you had a hard week, download this “Lord You’re So Good to Me” Coolio



September 5, 2013

And so it begins…


downtown dickson with younguns




















downtown dickson with hitchhiker

Wow, my first story on my new web site. It’s not gunna be what I expected. I thought I could share experiences and things that I think about that have happened to me. Instead, I am writing about today. Almost died teaching my daughter to drive, got to play music on the sidewalk with some cool youth that are trying to find their way in life, met a housecleaner that works hard and shared the struggles she has had with bringing in a homeless teen into her home. I thought that I had the perfect ending for the night when we had front row seats to a demolition derby and got mud clumps slung at us until one gladiator stood. But no, I come home and see that a song I wrote as a call to worship for my church, that my best friend produced, that the girl I hung out with all day sang on “Taste & See” with me on is being played on Good News Radio in Holland   My dad always told me you had to have the bad days to appreciate the good ones. This was a good one.

demolition derby




August 28, 2013

August 28th Release of See.


Welcome to the home of The Dan H band. We are a few young musicians who were fortunate enough to have started families and new careers after playing for people around the world. Now, we ask, “What if?”  Not “what if we had done something different in the past,” but “what could the future look like?” We’re excited to have you join us in this next phase of our music!








SEE. -Digital Download Album
SEE. -Digital Download Album
Dan H Band's newest album release featuring twelve songs. Playlist includes: See, Hours at a time, Cleaning His Temple, Lord You're So Good to Me, You Made A Promise, The Purpose, Taste and See, Something About You I Love, Communion, Little Worlds released Fall 2013.

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