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May 16, 2017

Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bono

Prince was my hometown hero. As a musician I got to play in the same places as Prince, Replacements, and I know I am missing several more Minneapolis artists. To play on SNL or be interviewed on Letterman was the bomb.
Ask any of them, they will tell you back then the goal was to get signed by a major label. Some of us did and you know the rest of the story by how many Minneapolis bands are famous now.
When I was signed by WB, I felt my competition was the Biggest Musicians of the time. Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Don’t laugh, but I thought my message of being honest with yourself and trusting God in amazing musicianship would win over expressing yourself and immorality. Cuz I thought that’s how everyone felt in their quiet moments. In hindsight, I wasn’t very clear, and they had better songs.
WB was gunna drop 2k a day to record the Dan H Band record at Paisley Park, so I had free reign of the place I guess. Prince and i shared a love for pinball, and he had one in the short hall from his private elevator to the backstage of the sound stage where he was shooting some extra risqué music video I was told later. He stepped off, and I thanked him and stuff and asked him if this was his high score I was beating.
He made sure I wasn’t beating his high score, and left. I didn’t.
Fast forward 25 years later, he won. I never beat his high score. And he stepped off of that elevator again, and was no longer with us.
Having more of the success he had, I believe I would no longer be with us. He fought hard for the success he had. And then he had to deal with still being Prince, but with no arenas to fill again. By now he could, so could Michael Jackson. But the only way they could function was with opiod or happy pills to kill the pain, even though they were both anti drug guys, and technically, neither of them used illegal drugs. So Elvis.
Women are stronger, Madonna lives, and God bless Bono.

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