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November 14, 2016

The Jerk

Singapore pool photo
Why was I such a jerk when I was young
A doctor invited me to his house to eat supper
He spent his own dollars to travel to underdeveloped poor nations
To help heal the sick who had no money
His teenage daughter was dating my bass player
So we show up, had a nice meal in a nice house
Then it happened
Understand that I knew the Dad was not a fan
Of his daughters romantic interest at the time
Who was my friend and I was fond of
So the older alpha male invited the younger to play a game of pool
We bantered about who should break
I conceded to his arguments and put the white ball where it should go
I pulled back the stick and let it fly
It was the best break I had ever seen, a ball went in a pocket
And the rest of the balls were scattered all over the table
Please understand that my dad had a pool table in his basement
It was in a house owned by a Baptist church
a couple of church members
Felt that my dad should not have a pool table
To keep the peace, my dad should have buckled under and removed it
He did not, so we had some wonderful times playing pool and ping pong
So I sank my second shot at the Doctors basement
Who had no one telling him
That as a Christian he should not have a pool table in his basement
I will bet you that folks were thankful for his service
Third shot went down
We were laughing and having fun, and asking each other questions
Fourth shot was successful
There may have been a little unease in the room at this point
I line up and drop the fifth and sixth
There was tension in the room by this point
I was not trying to be a jackass, but I was by now telling him
Don’t worry, you will get a shot in
I am patronizing him unknowingly
The seventh ball drops
All that’s left is the eight ball
And it’s a clear shot
I have no choice
I drop the eight ball
I was all like, thanks for the meal, thanks for the game
It was great being here, we gotta go do something
Sorry you didn’t get a shot in, I normally don’t play this well
I’m sure you would beat me on any other day
No I can’t play another
I was kind of a twenty year old jerk

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